©Véronique Huyghe

Piezzographie is an open «layer by layer» inkjet printing kit bridging the missing link between artisanal printing processes and digital techniques. It reopens the personnal printing, by freeing it from the constraints of format, ink and media.
Inspired by the methods employed by fine art printers and in line with an experimental approach,the project is composed of image editing programme, an autonomous printhead and an ink mixer. The result is an object that is self-explanatory in use. Once the image has been edited on a tablet or a computer (grain, spotting), the printer receives the information and moves across a flat surface in order to apply the colours, one after another. The transparency of the printing process and its pace allow the user to take control at any point.
Piezzographie offers an aesthetic experience of this technique. This object questions the designer’s position and the user’s behaviour when faced with technology.

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Projet Finaliste
Design Parade 9
Villa Noailles


Design parade –
Villa Noailles, Hyères

Future Concepts
DDW 2014, Eindhoven

Centre Pompidou, Paris


Icon Magazine 134,
Sept. 2014

Etapes Magazine 222,
Nov-Dec 2014

©Véronique Huyghe

©Véronique Huyghe

Each object is drawn to express clarly its process and to feel open and upgradable. The parts receiving ink are left transparent to display the process. The body of the objects are simple technical ceramic part, on which are directly fixed the electronics. Wiring and sensing are operated by screenprinted conductive ink circuits on the surface.

©Véronique Huyghe

©Lothaire Hucki

©Véronique Huyghe

©Véronique Huyghe

Piezzographie is first of all an experimental project, where the researches on printing processes, ink manipulation, digital color algorithms or piezo-electric printheads created a solid ground basis to think thorough what the printer concept could be, its technical configuration, what the process would be and how it should feel like.

©Véronique Huyghe