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Wireless directional speaker + acoustically reflective and absorbing screen.
MIRE sound system, designed by Alpha Foxtrot, offers a new kind of private listening experience. It integrates the ultra-directional sound technology «A» Nude© developped by French start-up Akoustic Arts©. This speaker focuses the audio waves towards a specific direction, thus enabling users to enjoy audio content without bothering other people around, nor isolating the listener from them. MIRE takes this technology away from public spaces and bring it within domestic area.

Featuring a double rotation of its base, the design of MIRE speaker enables an easy orientation of the sound beam. The color of its aluminium body changes subtly according to its viewing angle, underlining its directionality.
MIRE bi-material screen offers further functions through physical interactions with the speaker’s sound beam. Directed towards the mirrored surface, the speaker’s audio waves are then diffused to the entire space, becoming omnidirectional. On the other end, the bottom part of the screen, filled with aluminium foam*, absorbs the sound waves, creating a physical mute.

With this acoustic screen, MIRE not only explores the possibility of directional sound technology in terms of use, but also its distinctive properties. MIRE puts forward an uncommon way to interact with our digital audio content, where the materials draw the physical contours of sound.


VIA project assistance grant 2016


Ultra-directional sound technology
“A”nude© par Akoustic Arts


Aluminium, stainless steel,
Kvadrat© fabric, polished zinc,
neodyme magnet, Corian©,
aluminium foam,
pearlescent coating


VIA design 2016,
Jan-Apr 2016

©Colombe Clier – VIA

©Samy Rio


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