Can design help in the reconversion of industries slowly becoming obsolete ?
The Composés project explores the reconversion possibilities of the materials in a pair of acoustic loudspeackers and proposes a frugal form of innovation guided by material constraints. Midway between furniture and technological products, acoustic loudspeakers has gradually tend to become imposant and old fashioned. France counts a large number of manufacturers and specialists in this field with their own unique secret receipes which conduct to a variety of loudspeakers including a dozen of materials as basic ingredients. Trying to exhaust the fabrication process, and to project an industrial conversion scenario in the meantime, the loudspeacker is spread out in four new functions with the same basic composition : a lamp, a pair of shoes, a toy kit and an acoustic screen.

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Grand prix de la création
de la ville de Paris 2015


« Diplorama+ »
Saint-Etienne, FR mars.2015

« Pecha Kucha »
Lille, FR jan.2015

©Damien Arlettaz

Ten materials are listed from the acoustic loudspeakers : Paper, ABS, linen felt, rubber, coated fabric, copper, aluminium, MDF, magnet and acoustic fabric. We first tried to imitate the manufacturing process of several components from the loudspeakers, before we we mixed them together. The most
interesting samples were picked and reintroduced in the new outcomes.

The Lamp uses particularly the linen felt discovered during the research phase. Indeed the lamp profile is made out of a single piece of molded linen felt both solid and flexible. The orientation of the profile also drives the light intensity with an invisible magnetic sensor integrated within the lamp.

The shoe is the object that differs the most from the original spearker. It puts forward the various fabric and molded papers used in the speaker. The sole is made out of a flexible ABS structure coated with rubber. The slipper uses linen felt and acoustic fabric for breathing and thermal confort.

Self assembly toys are all imagined with the same base components made of ABS, copper and magnet – motors basic ingredients. A conductive trail, made out of linen felt, acoustic screen and copper is imagined to drive the toys.

The acoustic screen put forward the acoustic insulation performances of the linen felt. A cable made of copper and tubber goes though the entire wooden structure, it allows to fold and unfold the three acoustic panel with one simple gesture.