Based in Paris, Alpha Foxtrot is a multidisciplinary design practice, founded by Fanny Serouart and Axel Morales.
They lead research projects at the intersection of their interests in matter, technology and manufacturing processes, to create innovative products, characterised by their material diversity and startling interactions. With no restriction of size or typology, through commercial or personnal work, they turn their experiments into products, UI or installations.

Fanny Serouart Graduated from École Boulle and ENSCI les Ateliers, Fanny Serouart worked for several product design studio or companies both in Paris and New York (Patrick Jouin ID, RBW, Renault). Her approach revolves around material experiments and manufacturing processes that both lead the way she draws.

Axel Morales Graduated from ENSCI les Ateliers, he completed his industrial design training by further experiences in exhibition design and digital arts (Studio Gardère, United Visual Artists, On Situ). His work moves from object or space to interaction design, which led him to develop an expertise in parametric design.

Exhibitions and Talks

“VIA design 2016″
Paris, FR 15.01-04.03

“Design Ex Machina”
Paris, FR 29.09-16.10

“Wanted Design”
New York, US 15.05-21.05

Saint-Etienne, FR 18.03-30.03

“USM Rethinking the modular”
Milan, IT 14.04-19.04

Paris, FR 29.11-06.12

“Dutch Design Week”
Eindhoven, NL 17.10-23.10

Design Parade 9
Hyères, FR 04.07-30.09

Di*/zain* 13 (talk)
Paris, FR 06.03

Futur en Seine
Paris, FR 12.06-15.06


“Appareils apprivoisés”

Selected press

VIA design 2016,
jan. 2016

Frame Magazine 103
Mar./Apr. 2015

Etapes Magazine 222,
Nov-Dec 2014

Icon Magazine 134,
Sept. 2014

Design parade 9 catalog,
Jul. 2014


Creation grant 2016

Grand Prix Création
ville de Paris 2015

Design Parade 9 – 2014


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